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Good for nature, good for you

   Jan 24


WELCOME to the Deep South and Ponderosa Plantation, a certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation! Here, you can spend time tending to livestock and poultry or sitting on the swing enjoying the breeze as you watch nature at its best…WE BELIEVE IN HAPPY, HEALTHY, HOMEGROWN FOODS!

We are located just outside of Trenton, South Carolina – home of the annual Ridge Peach Festival. Centrally located between Edgefield, SC and Augusta, GA, this is the ideal location, in that, we are out in the country with great-tasting well water yet still only 15 minutes from town.  Works out great since we both have full-time, M-F jobs…not to mention the feed store is between here and work! We spend a little time everyday doing “farm chores”, but Saturday is our main farm work day when we get to work on the BIG projects. JandLily

We started with just 4 hens in Fall 2010. Today we have grown to have successful breeding programs for the rare American Dominique! Our breeding program is U.S. PULLORUM-TYPHOID CLEAN & AVIAN INFLUENZA CLEAN!! We select, breed, and show the specimens best representing the APA/ABA Standard of Perfection. We also breed and offer for sale the Californian Rabbit. We Raise Pigs on the back side of the property for friends and family who do not have the capabilities of doing so, yet still desire healthy, hormone-free, tasty food..our Pork CSA! Most recently, we got a Beekeeping starter kit and John has passed the South Carolina Certified Master Beekeepers written exam! We will ‘bee’ starting our hive in 2014.  We spent 1 year raising Japanese/Coturnix Quail, but eventually came to the realization that for our small production level this project was simply not cost effective. And what kind of farm would it be without a garden?!? We use raised beds to grow a variety of fruits and veggies, year-round. The extras go to our friends, neighbors, and livestock.

We are proud members of the Dominique Club of America !!

Also, we attend shows, meets, and chicken swaps in Georgia, South Carolina, & North Carolina.

As wildlife enthusiasts, we practically “raise” Blue Birds from late March through early Fall. We provide nest boxes located in various locations on our property.  The boxes, accompanied with brush piles, mature evergreens, open and tall grassy fields make a perfect habitat for our Blue Birds. We provide a wide array of flowers year round including annuals and perennials to encourage bees, butterflies, and caterpillars.  Our first year providing for birds, we saw the successful fledging of 6 blue birds, and in 2013 we had 21 fledglings!


2013 Fledgling

2013 Fledgling

Since our program’s inception, we have seen a tremendous increase in other bird species like the Mocking bird, Cardinals, Crows, Sparrows, Finches, and Brown Thrashers.Not only do we cater to song birds, but to other native wildlife and livestock as well. On our farm we have seen and encouraged the presence of non-venomous snakes such as the Eastern King snake and Eastern Coachwhip snake. We like these to help control field mice populations.  Every now and again we come across a vole or two.  Other wildlife species including the White-tailed Deer, Eastern Cottontail rabbits, Chuck-will’s-widow, Red-tailed Hawks, and Cooper’s Hawks visit our property occasionally, although the hawks aren’t exactly welcomed due to our poultry – it is nice to see them nonetheless.

We look forward to assisting you with ALL your poultry, livestock, gardening, & other backyard farming questions!


John & Kristen Womack